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Erin Victoria Cullen

Erin Victoria Cullen


Office Phone: 01223 330212

Subject groups/Research projects

Plant Biology and Food Security:

Departments and Institutes

Department of Plant Sciences:

Research Interests

Erin works on nectar spurs, hypothesized to be a ‘key innovation’ which can lead to rapid speciation within a lineage, because they are involved in pollinator specificity. However, given that there are no conventional model plant species which possess a nectar spur, much is still unknown about the development and morphogenesis of spurs. Erin’s project aims to probe both the morphological and molecular basis of nectar spur outgrowth. In order to achieve the aims of this project, Erin is attempting to transform Antirrhinum majus. If this is successful, we can address many questions about flower development and pollinator attraction, potentially benefiting yield in many animal pollinated crops.

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