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Dr Tanentzap's is Head of Group, at the Department of Plant Sciences. He leads study on how disturbances alter the functioning and biodiversity of the world's ecosystems, in order to generate solutions for mitigating the impacts of global change.  The focus is on plants and their interactions with microbes, animals, and biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and freshwater systems.  His aim is to generate solutions for complex social, economic and environmental challenges, such as food security and the provision of ecosystem services, by developing predictive models to inform policy and management interventions.  Currently, key work is: (i) identifying terrestrial controls over the functioning of aquatic ecosystems; and (ii) testing how evolutionary history influences the responses of ecosystems to disturbances.  He is also engaged in other projects at the interface of conservation science and ecology, particularly in the agri-environment.



Key publications: 

Key Publications

Tanentzap AJ, Zou J, Coomes DA. Getting the biggest birch for the bang: restoring and expanding upland birchwoods in the Scottish Highlands by managing red deer.. Ecol Evol 3(7):1890-1901 Jul 2013 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Tanentzap AJ, Lee WG, Monks A. Increased nitrogen cycling facilitates native forest regeneration: potential for restoring extinct ecological processes?. Ecol Appl 23(1):36-45 Jan 2013 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Coomes DA, Bentley WA, Tanentzap AJ, Burrows LE. Soil drainage and phosphorus depletion contribute to retrogressive succession along a New Zealand chronosequence. Plant and Soil 367(1-2):77-91 2013 (Journal article)   
Tanentzap AJ. Canadian science: Reallocate funds to boost performance.. Nature 490(7421):487 25 Oct 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Lee WG, Tanentzap AJ, Heenan PB. Plant radiation history affects community assembly: evidence from the New Zealand alpine.. Biol Lett 8(4):558-561 23 Aug 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Tanentzap AJ, Lee WG, Coomes DA. Soil nutrient supply modulates temperature-induction cues in mast-seeding grasses.. Ecology 93(3):462-469 Mar 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Tanentzap AJ, Kirby KJ, Goldberg E. Slow responses of ecosystems to reductions in deer (Cervidae) populations and strategies for achieving recovery. Forest Ecology and Management 264:159-166 2012 (Journal article)   
Tanentzap AJ, Walker S, Theo Stephens RT, Lee WG. A framework for predicting species extinction by linking population dynamics with habitat loss. Conservation Letters 5(2):149-156 2012 (Journal article)
Koh S, Tanentzap AJ, Mouland G, Dobbie T, Carr L, Keitel J, Hogsden K, Harvey G, Hudson J, Thorndyke R. Double-crested cormorants alter forest structure and increase damage indices of individual trees on Island habitats in lake erie. Waterbirds 35(SUPPL. 1):13-22 2012 (Journal article)
Wright DM, Tanentzap AJ, Flores O, Husheer SW, Duncan RP, Wiser SK, Coomes DA. Impacts of culling and exclusion of browsers on vegetation recovery across New Zealand forests. Biological Conservation 153:64-71 2012 (Journal article)  
Tanentzap AJ, Mountford EP, Cooke AS, Coomes DA. The more stems the merrier: Advantages of multi-stemmed architecture for the demography of understorey trees in a temperate broadleaf woodland. Journal of Ecology 100(1):171-183 2012 (Journal article)   
Tanentzap AJ, Coomes DA. Carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems: do browsing and grazing herbivores matter?. Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc 87(1):72-94 Feb 2012 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Tanentzap AJ, Lee WG, Dugdale JS, Patrick BP, Fenner M, Walker S, Coomes DA. Differential responses of vertebrate and invertebrate herbivores to traits of New Zealand subalpine shrubs.. Ecology 92(4):994-999 Apr 2011 (Journal articleAuthor URL    
Bee JN, Tanentzap AJ, Lee WG, Lavers RB, Mark AF, Mills JA, Coomes DA. Influence of foliar traits on forage selection by introduced red deer in New Zealand. BASIC APPL ECOL 12(1):56-63 2011 (Journal article)   
Tanentzap AJ, Bazely DR, Koh S, Timciska M, Haggith EG, Carleton TJ, Coomes DA. Seeing the forest for the deer: Do reductions in deer-disturbance lead to forest recovery?. BIOL CONSERV 144(1):376-382 Jan 2011 (Journal article)   
Head of Group, Ecosystems and Global Change, Department of Plant Sciences
Dr Andrew  Tanentzap
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