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Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security

Department A-Z

Smallholder agriculture and food security

Examining the routes for diversifying and sustaining rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa (22nd April 2015, Cambridge)

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Plant Biology

Understanding Plant development; Hybrid vigour; Photosynthesis to breed high-yielding crops in changing climates

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Food Landscapes

Biodiversity; Land-sparing; Water and ecosystems services; Soil management

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Infectious Diseases

Control of plant disease; Influenza-resistant strains of poultry; Food-borne zoonoses

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Modelling for Food Security

Predicting future demands for energy, land, water; Consequences of competing demands on land and sea for food, biodiversity, water, energy, climate stability

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Political Economy of Hunger and Food Supply

Drawing lessons from historical analyses of famine; Role of political structures in production & distribution of food; Archaeological & anthropological evidence for innovation

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Global Governance

BRIC countries; international politics; rising powers; World Trade Organization

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Land Resources and Regulatory Influences

Regulatory framework for land and development; Economics of land use change; Impact of demographic &climate change on future policy drivers

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Supply Chains

Innovation in food supply; Evaluating how food crises are driven by environmental, demographic, economic or political factors

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Food and Health

Metabolism; Improving nutrition; Reducing diet-related disease

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CUTEC Sustainable Futures Challenge

Apr 24, 2015

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club aims to bring together students, academics, staff, and alumni to tackle problems relating to the question: “How can we enable sustainable supply and production of food and water in a sustainable fashion?”

Helping to feed the world through advancements in e-Agriculture

Apr 08, 2015

UN Agencies to publish strategy guide for implementing e-Agriculture services

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