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Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security

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Global Food Security Cambridge Symposium 2015

Global Food Security Cambridge Symposium on Wednesday 8th July 2015

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Plant Biology

Understanding Plant development; Hybrid vigour; Photosynthesis to breed high-yielding crops in changing climates

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Food Landscapes

Biodiversity; Land-sparing; Water and ecosystems services; Soil management

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Infectious Diseases

Control of plant disease; Influenza-resistant strains of poultry; Food-borne zoonoses

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Modelling for Food Security

Predicting future demands for energy, land, water; Consequences of competing demands on land and sea for food, biodiversity, water, energy, climate stability

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Political Economy of Hunger and Food Supply

Drawing lessons from historical analyses of famine; Role of political structures in production & distribution of food; Archaeological & anthropological evidence for innovation

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Global Governance

BRIC countries; international politics; rising powers; World Trade Organization

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Land Resources and Regulatory Influences

Regulatory framework for land and development; Economics of land use change; Impact of demographic &climate change on future policy drivers

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Supply Chains

Innovation in food supply; Evaluating how food crises are driven by environmental, demographic, economic or political factors

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Food and Health

Metabolism; Improving nutrition; Reducing diet-related disease

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Increased CO2 has worrying consequences for crop plant nutrients

Jul 01, 2015

Can increased atmospheric CO2 aid food security? It might not be so simple.

FAO Assesses Climate Change Impacts on Food Security and Trade

Jun 24, 2015

18 June 2015: In a book reviewing scientific and economic climate change impacts on food and agriculture over the past 20 years, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) underscores policy implications for hunger, poverty and global food trade.

Rebalancing Agriculture will Deliver for Nutrition and Gender Equality

May 19, 2015

Agriculture needs rebalancing if it is to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to deliver nutrition, writes Lynn Brown in a blog for Secure Nutrition.

Forests and food security - new report launched

May 13, 2015

New study launched at the UN Forum on Forests.

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Global food security is a major research priority for UK and international science. The University of Cambridge Strategic Research Initiative in Global Food Security aims to integrate research ongoing across the various university Schools and Departments, to improve our understanding of the challenges of food security, and to develop solutions. Nine main themes have been identified and these can be seen below.

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