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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


José Ciro’s research interests include: food politics, welfare regimes, theories of the state, performativity, political economies of development, and agrarian/food sovereignty movements.


Key publications: 

“Of Bakeries and Checkpoints: Stately Affects in Amman and Baghdad,” Environment and Planning D 38:5 (October 2020): 849-866. (Co-Written with Omar Sirri).

“Topological Twists in the Syrian Conflict: Re-thinking Space through Bread,” Review of International Studies 46:1 (January 2020): 121-136.

“Site of Resistance or Apparatus of Acquiescence? Tactics at the Bakery,” Middle East Law and Governance 10:2 (August 2018): 160-184.

“Stifling Stateness: The Assad Regime's Campaign Against Rebel Governance,” Security Dialogue 49:4 (August 2018): 235-253. (Co-Written with Brent Eng).

“Leavened Apprehensions: Bread Subsidies and Moral Economies in Hashemite Jordan,” International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 50:2 (May 2018): 173-193.

“Leavening Neoliberalization’s Uneven Pathways: Bread, Governance and Political Rationalities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” Mediterranean Politics 22:4 (October 2017): 464-483.

“Struggling to Perform the State: The Politics of Bread in the Syrian Civil War,” International Political Sociology 11:2 (June 2017): 130-147. (Co-Written with Brent Eng).

“Jordan’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Production of Feeble Political Parties and the Perceived Perils of Democracy,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 44:3 (July 2017): 356-372.

“The Unintended Consequences of Emergency Food Aid: Neutrality, Sovereignty and Politics in the Syrian Civil War, 2012-2015,” International Affairs 92:1 (January 2016): 153-173. (Co-Written with Brent Eng).

“Starvation, Submission and Survival: Syria’s War through the Prism of Food,” Middle East Report 273 (2014): 28-32.

“Bread is Life: The Intersection of Welfare and Emergency Aid in Jordan,” Middle East Report 272 (2014): 30-35.

Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College
Dr. José Ciro Martínez

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