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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Food Waste in the Supply Chain: What are the problems and how can we fix them?

Dr Ciara Dangerfield, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences, reports.

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Cambridge experts discuss: Food supply in an uncertain future

Kartika Shetty, Research Associate at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University, reports.

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Brachiaria: The climate smart grass that could transform East African dairy

Will Summers recently spent a three-month internship in Kenya supported by the Cambridge Global Food Security Travel Fund, working on a research project that aims to help dairy farmers with increasingly challenging production demands. Here he reports on the state of dairy farming and the impact that Brachiaria, a novel feed crop, could have moving into the future.

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Creativity amidst constraints—away from home for the holidays

With the recent launch of the University of Cambridge Sustainable Food Policy, Kirsten Van Fossen is excited to see what new innovations we can come up with on the path of sustainable food innovation in 2018. Here she blogs about her Christmas away from home.

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‘What’s stopping your diet being more sustainable?’

In an event hosted by Cambridge Global Food Security on 24 Oct 2017, a panel including Dr Jean Adams, Dr Chris Kaplonski, and PhD researchers Emma Garnett and Charlotte Payne discussed whether healthy, sustainable food for all is really possible. Catherine Jones, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, blogs on the event.

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A Week of Food Waste

Last week was filled with food waste— £250 million worth of it in the UK, and multiple events around Cambridge to discuss the issue. Rosemary Ostfeld blogs on the Cambridge Science Festival’s Inglorious Fruit and Veg seminar.

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Transdisciplinarity is possible, but takes a lot of effort.

In this commentary Ksenia Gerasimova reflects upon the issue of transdisciplinarity and building bridges between natural and social sciences. She refers to her experience of organising the Food Security Conference in Cambridge in June 2016.

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