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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
This theme incorporates expertise on:



Water and ecosystems services

Soil management



Dr David  Aldridge
Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology
01223 334436
Professor Andrew  Balmford
Professor of Conservation Science, Department of Zoology
01223 331770
Dr Enrico R Crema
Lecturer in Computational Analysis of Long-Term Human Cultural and Biological Dynamics
Fellow of Fitzwilliam College
01223 339 335
Dr Helen  Curry
Peter Lipton Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern Science and Technology, Department of History and Philosophy of Science
01223 335748
 Anya  Doherty
Graduate Researcher
 Francisco  Oliveira Filho
Graduate Student, Department of Geography
Dr Tom  Finch
Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Zoology
01223 765397
 Julie  Hinsch
PhD candidate, Insect Ecology Group
01223 768919
 Amelia  Hood
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge
01223 765409
 Melanie  Jans-Singh
PhD candidate in Energy Efficient Cities Initiative
 Ben  Lang
Senior Research Associate / Manager, Rural Business Unit (RBU), Department of Land Economy
Member of DEFRA, Farm Business Survey Technical Group
Member of Rural Business Research Management Group
Member of the CAAV Costings Committee
01222 337169
Professor Nigel  Leader-Williams
Director of Conservation Leadership, Department of Geography
Fellow of Churchill College
01223 333397
Dr Diane  Lister
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Archaeogenetics, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (currently on Secondment to the BioScience Impact Team)
01223 339330
Dr Ebele  Mogo
Research Associate, Global Diet and Activity Research Group and Network, MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge
Dr Monica  Nicolaides Ramsey
Marie Curie Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Research Associate, Darwin College
 Marcus  Nyman
PhD Student in Geography
Dr Rosemary  Ostfeld
Visiting Associate at the Judge Business School
Professor Susan  Owens
Professor of Environment, Department of Geography
Policy and Professorial Fellow of Newnham College
01223 333394
 Michael  Pashkevich
PhD student
+44 7340543007
Dr Cameron A. Petrie
Reader in South Asian and Iranian Archaeology
Fellow of Trinity College
01223 339001
Dr Mike  Rands
Executive Director, Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Fellow Commoner, Magdalene College
01223 330757
Dr  Shashi Ratnaker Singh
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
Professor William  Sutherland
Miriam Rothschild Professor of Conservation Biology, Department of Zoology
01223 336686
Dr Andrew  Tanentzap
Head of Group, Ecosystems and Global Change, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 748982
 Yifu  Wang
PhD Candidate
Dr Liz  Watson
University Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography
Pybus Fellow of Newnham College
01223 333356