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My research focuses on the different relationships between policies and actions that may have influenced the reversal of deforestation and land use changes in the Brazilian Amazon over the past decade.


My research interest is in tropical forests deforestation, land use change and policy implementation. This study aims to elucidate which factors: environmental, economic and/or social, alone or in combination, may have influenced the reduction of deforestation and dynamics of land use in the Brazilian Amazon. Thus, the central question of the project is to evaluate the role of environmental law enforcement in reducing deforestation in the Amazon and its consequences in the remodeling of land use.


Key publications: 
  • Metzger, J.P.; Antongiovanni, M.; Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B. and Martensen, A.C., 2007. The use of models in Landscape Ecology. Megadiversidade 3 (1-2): 64-73.
  • Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B. and Metzger J.P., 2006. Thresholds in landscape structure for three common deforestation patterns in the Brazilian Amazon. Landscape Ecology 21(7): 1061-1073.
  • Bottura, Giovana; Bacelar, Ana Elisa; Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B., 2007. Selecting priority areas for biodiversity conservation in San Francisco river (Brazil) watershed. XIII Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium. April 21-26. Florianopolis/SC - Brazil. Abstracts, volume I: 231.
  • Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B. and J. P. Metzger, 2003. Simulating functional group losses for three different patterns of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. 6th World Congress of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. July 12-18, 2003. Darwin/Australia. Abstracts, volume II: 118.
  • Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B. and J. P. Metzger, 2000. Different patterns of deforestation and landscape dynamic in the north of Mato Grosso (Brazilian Amazon). 1st Forum for Debates on Landscape Ecology and Environmental Planning. June 04-08, 2000. Rio Claro/SP - Brazil. Abstracts, volume I.
  • Oliveira-Filho, F.J.B. and J. P. Metzger, 1999. Patterns of deforestation and landscape dynamic in the north of Mato Grosso (Brazilian Amazon). 5th World Congress of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. July 29 to August 03, 1999. Colorado-USA. Abstracts, volume II: 118.
  • Pivello, Vânia R.; Barbieri, R.F.; Ruggiero, P.G.C.; Oliveira-Filho, F. J.B., 1998. Physiognomic variance in Pé-do-Gigante Reserve in relation to local soil characteristics. IV Brazilian Ecosystems Symposium. April, 1998. Aguas de Lindoia/SP - Brazil.
Graduate Student, Department of Geography
 Francisco  Oliveira Filho
Not available for consultancy


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