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First national model for bovine TB calls for greater focus on cattle

02 Jul 2014

The majority of outbreaks of bovine TB within cattle herds are caused by multiple transmissions routes – including failed cattle infection tests, cattle movement and reinfection from environmental reservoirs such as infected pastures and wildlife – according to the first national model of bovine TB spread, published today. Read More

Study of peanut allergy therapy shows 84 per cent success

30 Jan 2014

A new therapy for peanut allergy has been successful in the majority of the 99 children who took part in a clinical trial.


Harnessing the power of research to benefit developing countries

25 Apr 2013

CEO of GAVI Alliance to give Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research inaugural lecture

Finding genes for childhood obesity

08 Apr 2013

Genome wide study identifies genetic variants associated with childhood obesity.




Reducing consumption of red and processed meat could make a major contribution to cutting greenhouse gas emissions

18 Sep 2012

Research quantifies the reduction in greenhouse gases, as well the effect it would have on health, if UK cut amount of red and processed meat eaten.


Couch Potatoing

Unhealthy diet and physical inactivity: understanding these silent killers

14 May 2012

Population-based interventions for tackling unhealthy diet and physical inactivity could save millions of lives. An ambitious research programme is providing evidence for how best to deliver the goal.


Eating chocolate cuts risk of heart disease

30 Aug 2011

Eating high levels of chocolate could be associated with a significant reduction in the risk of certain cardiovascular disorders, reveals Cambridge research published in the British Medical Journal this week.


Research unit to help encourage healthier habits launched

12 Apr 2011

New research unit to focus on how to change behaviours responsible for the majority of premature deaths worldwide.

baby in the womb

You are what your mother ate

21 Mar 2011

Research provides new insight into why poor diet during pregnancy negatively affects offspring’s long term health.


Tackling obesity and diabetes: Institute of Metabolic Science

01 May 2010

The rising prevalence of obesity, diabetes and related disorders is an epidemic of global proportions. Research at the Institute of Metabolic Science is aimed at understanding these disorders and translating new discoveries into better health.

Fattening up the kids

Genetic studies reveal new causes of severe obesity in childhood

07 Dec 2009

Scientists in Cambridge have discovered that loss of a key segment of DNA can lead to severe childhood obesity. This is the first study to show that this kind of genetic alteration can cause obesity.


Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy: a vicious circle?

01 Apr 2009

A complex interplay of prenatal and postnatal factors determines the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes during later life.


New institute to study obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders

21 Jul 2008

A new centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus next to Addenbrooke's Hospital will address the growing threat to public health posed by obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

IMS- Institute of Metabolic Science

Translating research into healthy lives

01 May 2008

MRC-supported initiatives on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus aim to combat health problems linked with obesity and lifestyle.


ultrasound scanning

Cambridge study links birth weight and long-term mental health

13 Dec 2007

Research conducted by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the MRC Centre for Lifelong Health and Ageing, has revealed a link between weight at birth and depression and anxiety through the next five decades of life.


You are what you eat: Investigating nutrition and cancer

01 Apr 2007 

We all know that a good diet is key to good health, but it's now clear that certain foods we eat can unmask underlying susceptibilities to cancer.

02 Mar 2007

In an effort to accelerate the conversion of research findings into better treatments for obesity-related diseases, the MRC has announced the MRC Centre for Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases (MRC-CORD) at the University of Cambridge.


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