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Cambridge Global Food Security

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Dr Nuno Faria is an inorganic chemist whose area of expertise is on the development and characterisation of highly-tailorable amorphous minerals. His work focuses on the synthesis of bio/food-compatible and non-persistent structures through assembly of GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) components of dietary origin. A further strand of his work is on adaptive minerals that change their physicochemical properties upon exposure to environmental stimuli.

The low cost and versatile nature of these materials make them particularly suitable for food applications. For example, Nuno has developed novel food-compatible antimicrobials for impregnation of food processing surfaces, as these are particularly prone to biofouling.  An additional area of focus has been on the monitoring of food-relevant physicochemical conditions.  In particular, food compatible oxygen sensors have been developed for incorporation in modified atmosphere packaging. Here the aim is to reassure the consumer that the extended shelf-live conferred by low atmosphere oxygen can indeed be trusted and the packaged food-stuffs are still fit for consumption.

Overall, the highly translational nature of this research has resulted in the filing of 13 patents and several successful commercial licenses.


Visiting Researcher, Veterinary Medicines, Cambridge
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, NoBACZ Healthcare Ltd
Dr Nuno  Faria

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