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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Increasing the yield of crop plants is a major facet of increasing food security, and one way to do this is from understanding plant biology. Once we understand the underlying biology, we can optimise those inputs key to plant growth, and minimise disruptive factors, as well as ensuring plants are resilient to potential climate changes. Within the Initiative, this is approached from the study of several aspects of plant biology: from the study of insect pests, and how they spread diseases; of efficient forms of photosynthesis, and of how epigenetically encoded variation can be exploited in breeding, as well as how RNA silencing can act in development.

This theme also encapsulates work on optimising the extraction of lignocellulosic biofuels from plant waste, in order to relieve the food vs fuel dilemma, as well as work on archaeobotany and archaeogenetics, in the context of the broader archaeology of food.

 Warren  Arinaitwe
Cassava Pathologist, Biodiversity and CIAT (CGIAR)
Professor Sir David  Baulcombe
Royal Society Edward Penley Abraham Research Professor
01223 339386
Dr Paulo  Bombelli
Postdoctoral Researcher (Biochemistry)
Professor John  Carr
Head of Group, Virology & Molecular Plant Pathology, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 766416
Dr Jeongmin  Choi
Head of the Plant Nutrition and Signalling Group, Crop Science Centre
01223 330216
Professor Pietro  Cicuta
Professor of Biological Physics at Cavendish Laboratory
01223 337462
Dr Andrew  Craig
Post Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 330229
Dr Otti  A.  Croze
Winton Advanced Research Fellow (Dept of Physics)
01223 337357
Dr Nik  Cunniffe
University Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 333954
Dr Helen  Curry
Kranzberg Professor in the History of Technology School of History and Sociology Georgia Institute of Technology
Senior Honorary Research Fellow Department of History and Philosophy of Science University of Cambridge
01223 335748
Dr Matthew  Davey
Senior Research Associate, Department of Plant Sciences
Senior Lecturer, The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
01223 333943
Dr Julia  Davies
Head of Transport Group, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 333900
Professor Paul  Dupree
Head of Group, The extracellular matrix in plants – understanding cell wall biosynthesis, with application to dietary carbohydrates, dietary fibre. Department of Biochemistry.
01223 333340
Dr Sebastian  Eves-van den Akker
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Head of Group, Plant-Parasite Interactions, Department of Plant Sciences
Franziska Fischer
Researcher in Wheat Genetics.
 Nicholas  Fradgley
Postdoc, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, and National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB).
 Helen  Francis
Research Strategy Manager
Department of Computer Science and Technology
University of Cambridge
01223 763585
 Lauranne  Gateau
Sustainability and productivity analyst, OLAM Group
Professor Beverley  Glover
Professor of Plant Systematics and Evolution in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge.
Director of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.
01223 333938
Dr Sabrina  Gonzalez-Jorge
WE Lead Food Community Manager
Digitisation and curatorial assistant, University Herbarium, University of Cambridge
Dr Anna  Gordon
Senior Research Scientist,
Genetics and Breeding Department
01223 342485
Co-Chair of Cambridge Global Food Security IRC
Professor of Plant Ecology, Department of Plant Sciences
Fellow of Clare College.
01223 333946
Dr Ian  Henderson
Head of Group, Genetic and Epigenetic Inheritance in Plants, Department of Plant Science
01223 748977
Professor Julian  Hibberd
Head of Group, Molecular Physiology, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 766547
 Carol Nkechi Ibe
Postdoctoral Scientist, John Innes Centre.
01223 330216
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Alexander  Jones
Research Group Leader, The Sainsbury Laboratory
01223 761169
Professor Martin  Jones
Senior Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.
Emeritus George Pitt-Rivers Professor of Archaeological Science.
01223 333507
Dr Johannes  Kromdijk
Head of Environmental Plant Physiology
01223 760980
Professor Dame Ottoline  Leyser
Regius Professor of Botany.
01223 761103
Dr Diane  Lister
Programme Manager, Conversation Institute, University of Cambridge
01223 339330
Broodbank Senior Research Fellow, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 748979
Director, Crop Science Centre, University of Cambridge.
Dr Uta  Paszkowski
Head of Cereal Symbiosis Group, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 748981
Research Associate, Sainsbury Laboratory
Co-Chair of the Cambridge Food Security Society (CFSS)
University of Cambridge
+44 (0) 1223 761100
Dr Pallavi  Singh
Post Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Plant Sciences.
John Henry Coates Research Fellow, Emmanuel College.
01223 330220
Dr Sean  Stevenson
Post Doctoral Research Associate
01223 330220
 Will  Summers
Associate in Agriculture, Deep Science Ventures
Dr Stephanie  Swarbreck
Broodbank Fellow, Department of Plant Sciences
01223 330218
Dr Gitanjali  Yadav
DBT-Cambridge Lecturer
01223 748979