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Carol Ibe was born in the United States but grew up in Nigeria, where she completed a BS in microbiology. In pursuit of a better education and career, she returned to the US and did a master’s in molecular biology and biochemistry with a specialisation in biotechnology from the Georgetown University, and subsequently, a master’s in clinical embryology from the University of Oxford. During her studies at Georgetown, she became inspired to start JR Biotek, a life science education company that provides quality biotechnology and life science education, training and laboratory capacity building programs to students, educators and scientists in Africa. Her vision is to help build a powerful workforce that can advance scientific research and innovation in Africa, especially within the field of agriculture. Her passion to help develope more effective and practical solutions to food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa influenced her decision to study plant science.  She received the Gates Cambridge scholarship, a life changing award that she hopes will allow her to improve the lives and careers of many in Africa.


Carol Ibe is passionate about developing more effective and practical solutions to food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa, and this influenced her decision to study plant science. Her PhD research will aim to determine the commonalities and differences during intracellular rice root colonization by both beneficial and detrimental fungi, and how these associations may be enhanced for practical agricultural applications. Rice is a major staple food in many African countries; therefore, developing rice cultivars with better adaptations to low-input rice agroecosystems is crucial for achieving food security in the continent. This is the ultimate goal of her PhD.

Carol was interviewed for our 'Meet the Researcher' series. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE.

Postdoctoral Scientist, John Innes Centre.
 Carol Nkechi Ibe

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