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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Supply Chains and Food Security

Putting a price on our future

07 Oct 2013

Helping big businesses consider their impact on the environment is leading to a re-evaluation of activities to combine profitability with sustainability.

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Prize tomato

30 May 2012

A group of students on the University of Cambridge’s MPhil course in Engineering for Sustainable Development has devised a project that will help Mexico’s small producers of tomatoes by improving productivity and reducing wastage.


Seahorses and the "onion world"

24 May 2012

Dr Amanda Vincent – one of the world’s leading experts on seahorses and their relatives – is spending a year at Cambridge’s Department of Geography on a sabbatical from the University of British Columbia. She is introducing some new ideas into conservation discussion groups at Cambridge.

People specializing in this area

  • Innovation in food supply
  • Evaluating how food crises are driven by environmental, demographic, economic or political factors