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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


Jag is Head of the Centre for International Manufacturing, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge where he completed his PhD in Engineering, Manufacturing and Management. His research work and that of his group involves working closely with Industry in the analysis, design and operation of international production, supply and service networks.


Current research areas include global value network analysis, service network integration, supply network resilience, sustainable industrial systems network design, and the development of new forms of supply network that support emerging industries. Research projects are cross-sector in nature but include supply network and industry transformations linked to specific challenges within Pharmaceuticals, Food, Automotive and Aerospace.

  • International Supply Chains
  • Supply Network Design - International firms and Multinational Corporations
  • Supply Chain Capability - Capability Models
  • Supply Chain Configuration - Influence on capability and performance
  • Service Supply Chain operations
  • Value chain analysis & mapping techniques
  • Sustainable supply chain design


Key publications: 

Lim, S and Srai, J.S., Examining the anatomy of last-mile distribution in omni-channel retailing: A supply network configuration and contingency approach, International Journal of Operations and Production Management (in print) DOI: 10.1108/IJOPM-12-2016-0733

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Rezk, R., Srai, J.S., Williamson P., 2016, The impact of product attributes and emerging technologies on firms' international configuration, Journal of International Business Studies, on-line March 2016, doi:10.1057/jibs.2016.9, June/July 47 (5), pp. 610-618 

Harrington, T.S., Phillips, M.A., Srai, J.S. 2016, Reconfiguring global pharmaceutical value networks through targeted technology interventions, International Journal of Production Research,

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For the complete list of Dr Srai's academic publications click here

Co-Chair of Cambridge Global Food Security IRC
Head, Centre for International Manufacturing, IfM, Department of Engineering
Dr Jag  Srai

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01223 765601
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