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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


I represent Cambridge on the TUCO Sustainability group, and we have meetings throughout the UK, the next one is at St John's College in April 2018. 


We have done a lot on Sustainability at St John's College. We use cleaning materials that are made from plant life, the first place to do this outside of Scotland. Our disposables are made from plant life as well. We use keep cups and were the first venue in Cambridge to use these. We measure our Food Waste using a system called Chefs Eye, one of the first places outside of London to use this. We use seaweed in our recipes, we have done this since 2015.  

We are part of the SRA association with 2 stars, and part of Cambridge Fish Cities. We only buy energy efficient equipment and have given tours of the kitchen to show them the equipment. We use mainly local ingredients, and our products are freshly made. 

Catering and Conference Manager at St John's College Cambridge
 Bill  Brogan

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