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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


1. Impact of climate change on food supply chains, from farm to fork. Changes in groundwater levels, for example, pose risks.

2. Food waste in the supply chain. In India 40% of food is wasted upstream at the farm end, whilst in the UK 25-40% of food is wasted at the retail end. Only 20% of all food produced makes it to the consumer; even if we halved the waste we could feed an extra billion people. How can the supply chain be made more efficient?

3. Food safety and monitoring the route food takes from farm to fork. How can we better track this so customers can make informed decisions about food choices?

Mukesh was interviewed for our 'Meet the Researcher' series. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE.


University Lecturer in Operations Management
Dr Mukesh  Kumar

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01223 338191
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Industrial sustainability
Risk assessment
International manufacturing
global value chains
The changing economics of technology based industries