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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


Current projects include: HERO-G - epigenetic analysis of the impact of food and nutrition during pregnancy and the first year of life in Gambian new-borns. 

Continued collaboration with Ghana to investigate the local pig population. Here Pathology has an interest in local pig genetics, how this relates to adaptability to three different climate zones, and the different diets available to animals (by products of crop processing, which differ significantly between each agricultural zone). My colleagues at the University's Department of Veterinary Medicine are interested in the impact on the microbiome under different feed regimes. This raises issues such as whether there are knock-on effects to soil health via invertebrates that process animal dung, if changes to feed/ use of antibiotics or other drugs, have impacts on microbiota compositions.

Senior Research Associate, Department of Pathology
Fellow, Academic Convenor, Tutor, Graduate Admissions Tutor, and Admissions Tutor for the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine, Hughes Hall
Dr Carole A. Sargent
Not available for consultancy


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