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Lili is a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. She leads the Incentivising Sustainability Programme at the Department of Engineering’s Centre for Industrial Sustainability. She holds a PhD in Economics, an M.Sc. in International Trade and a B.Sc. in Management. 

Her research interest focuses on developing interdisciplinary, synthesised and systems methods to motivate behaviour changes toward health and environmental sustainability, especially in food sector. Her article on "Motivating actions to mitigate plastic pollution" was among the Top 50 Earth and Planetary Sciences Articles 2019 in Nature Communications. She works with government bodies and industries closely to help them design effective strategies and facilitate the transformation to a healthier and more sustainable society. 


Behavioural transition, sustainability, health, experimental economics, machine learning

Senior Research Associate, Department of Engineering
Dr Lili  Jia

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food waste
Environmental economics
environmental policy
dietary public health