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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge


The Rural Business Unit (RBU) within the Department of Land Economy is a leading UK centre in Agricultural and Horticultural Economics and undertakes a substantial programme of research for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This work involves the analysis of farm businesses and commodity enterprises in order to inform agricultural policy in Whitehall and Brussels and the evaluation of policy measures such as set-aside. Researchers in the unit also undertake research and produce publications on the food aid policy of the European Union, the effect of CAP income distribution and food security and the reform of the sugar regime. They also provide advice to the Select Committees and Government bodies.


Key publications: 
  • Crop Production in England 2014/2015
  • Crop Production in England 2013/2014
  • Crop Production in England 2012/2013
  • Crop Production in England 2011/2012     
  • Crop Production in England 2010 /2011  
  • Crop Production in England 2009 /2010       
  • Crop production in England 2008/2009       
  • Crop production in England 2006/2007       
  • Crop production in England 2005/2006       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 2004/2005       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 2003/2004       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 2002/2003       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 2000/2001       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 1999/00       
  • Report on farming in the Eastern Counties 1998/99    


  • Renwick A, Revoredo-Giha C, Philippidis G, Bourne, M, Lang B, Reader M   (2011) Assessment of the Impact of the 2006 EU Sugar Regime Reforms, Defra 
  • Lang B, Reader M, June Survey and FBS Data Matching Exercise: Research   Project to Compare Data from the June Survey with Comparable Data from the   Farm Business Survey, August 2010, Defra Hodge I., Lang
  • B., Nicholls D., Reader M., Wreford A., (2010) Prospects and opportunities for rural land management on the Crown Estate.     
  • Lang B., Allin R., Special study into the economics of cereal production 2004, DEFRA    
  • Reader M., Renwick A., Lang B., Farm level impacts of energy crop production, DEFRA    
  • Renwick A., Revoredo C., Lang B., Reader M., (2004) Economic, social and environmental impacts of reform of E Sugar Regime Reform, DEFRA     
  • Hodge I., Renwick A., Lang B., (2003) CAP reform:Decoupling arable payments, a discussion document for DEFRA
  • Renwick A., Rush C., Lang B., (2002) Study of the farm business advice survice. RBU report to DEFRA     
  • Chalmers, A. G., Hounsome B., Lang, B., Renwick A. W., Rush C., (2000) British survey of fertiliser practice 1999. Fertiliser Authority. September 2000.
Senior Research Associate / Manager, Rural Business Unit (RBU), Department of Land Economy
Member of DEFRA, Farm Business Survey Technical Group
Member of Rural Business Research Management Group
Member of the CAAV Costings Committee
 Ben  Lang
Not available for consultancy


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