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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

This seminar will feature two short presentations:  

Tejas Rao (PhD candidate, C-EENRG/Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge) on Protecting Farmers: Food Sovereignty and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 

Professor Yasemin Kor (Beckwith Professor of Management Studies, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge) on Organic entry and the role of chief executives 

followed by a Q&A and discussion with the speakers.

Coffee Break Seminars are a relaxed online learning and discussion platform for our food security community that take place every Friday during term time at 2pm, UK time. 

Please mail to register your interest in attending.



Protecting Farmers: Food Sovereignty and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

This presentation explores the pivotal role of food sovereignty within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its prominence during Conference of the Parties (CoPs) meetings.

The talk will examine how food sovereignty principles have emerged as a critical component in addressing the complex challenges at the nexus of climate change, agriculture, and food security. It analyses the evolution of food sovereignty discourse within the UNFCCC framework, highlighting key milestones and achievements.

Moreover, in the context of UNFCCC CoP28, this talk delves into the specific instances where food sovereignty has been underscored during CoPs, showcasing its relevance in shaping global climate policies and ultimately advocating for the protection of farmers in an era of climate uncertainty.

Organic entry and the role of chief executives

Our study is in the context of the U.S. food manufacturing industry during 1997-2007, which was presented with the opportunity to introduce organic food products in the face of emerging consumer demand for natural and organic-certified foods. We study the responsiveness of food manufacturing firms to the organic food opportunity through mergers and acquisitions and greenfield investments (in developing their organic products). We empirically examine the links between the pursuit of the organic food opportunity and the CEO’s experience profile. We find strong links between the pursuit of organic food and the CEO’s firm-specific and versatile managerial experiences.



Tejas Rao is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Land Economy & C-EENRG, University of Cambridge, where he is a Nehru Trust Scholar, and Research Coordinator with the Visiting Chair in Sustainable Development Law and Policy. He is also Manager at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.

His research examines narratives and the political economy of international law-making, with a specific focus on communities of practice and the Rio Treaties. He has previously taught at SOAS, University of London, and the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and worked with members of the United Nations International Law Commission.

Yasemin Kor is a Professor of Strategic Management at Cambridge University Judge Business School.  Her research focuses on the intersections of strategy formulation and renewal, top management teams, and corporate governance.  She studies strategy as a configuration of resources and capabilities that are uniquely assembled to achieve a purpose. In her research, she examines how organizations differ in ways in which they manage and govern their resources and capabilities. She is interested in sustainable food systems and engaged in research on development of the organic food industry and how to reduce the global food waste problem.  

Friday, 24 November, 2023 - 14:00
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