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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Andrew Balmford

Professor Andrew Balmford

Professor of Conservation Science, Department of Zoology

Office Phone: 01223 331770

Subject groups/Research projects

Food Landscapes:


Cambridge Conservation Initiative ; Cambridge Conservation Forum ; conservation planning

Key Publications

Phalan, B., M. Onial, A. Balmford & R.E. Green. In press. Sharing or sparing? How biodiversity conservation and food production might be reconciled. Science.
Rodrigues, A.S.L., R.M. Ewers, L. Parry, C. Souza Jr., A. Vérissimo & A. Balmford. 2009. Boom-and-bust development patterns across the Amazon deforestation frontier. Science 324: 1435-1437.
Balmford, A. & R.M. Cowling. 2006. Fusion or failure? The future of conservation biology. Conserv. Biol.20: 692-695.
Balmford, A. & W. Bond. 2005. Trends in the state of nature and implications for human well-being. Ecology Letters. 8: 1218-1234.
R.E. Green , S. Cornell, J.P.W. Scharlemann & A. Balmford. 2005. Farming and the fate of wild nature. Science 307: 550-555.
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Balmford, A., J.L. Moore, T. Brooks, N. Burgess, L.A. Hansen, P.H. Williams and C. Rahbek. 2001. Conservation conflicts across Africa. Science 291: 2616-2619