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Professor Ian Hodge

Professor Ian Hodge

Professor of Rural Economy, Department of Land Economy

Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Member, Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Economics Advisory Panel

Office Phone: 01223 337134

Subject groups/Research projects

Land Resources and Regulatory Influences:

Departments and Institutes

Department of Land Economy:

Research Interests

Rural, agricultural and environmental policy

Land and property institutions and governance

Rural change and development


institutions and the governance of the countryside ; rural development and land use ; Environmental management ; agri-environmental policy ; rural economic change ; rural policy analysis and evaluation

Key Publications

Hodge, Ian (2016) The Governance of the Countryside: Property, Planning and Policy. Cambridge University Press.

Tuomisto, Hanna, Hodge, Ian, Riordan, Philip, Macdonald, David. (2012) Comparing energy balances, greenhouse gas balances and biodiversity impacts of contrasting farming systems with alternative land uses. Agricultural Systems (in press).

Hodge, I.D. and Adams, W.M. (2012) Neoliberalisation, rural land trusts and institutional blending. Geoforum published online Jan 2012.

Hodge, Ian (2012) The Governance of Rural Landscapes: Property, Complexity and Policy. Chapter 5, in Martijn van der Heide and Wim Heijman (eds.) The Economic Value of Landscapes, Routledge, London (forthcoming).

Milheiras, Sérgio and Hodge, Ian (2011) Attitudes towards compensation for wolf damage to livestock in Viana do Castelo, North of Portugal. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, 24:3, 333-351

Hodge, I.D. and Adams, W.M. (2011) Forest sales – after the storm. Ecos 32 (1) 9-14.

Adams, William M. and Hodge, Ian D. (2010) The Crown Jewels and the Big Society. Ecos. 31 (3/4) 28-35.

Rands, Michael R. W., Adams, William M., Bennun, Leon, Butchart, Stuart H. M., Clements, Andrew, Coomes, David, Entwistle, Abigail, Hodge, Ian, Kapos, Valerie, Scharlemann, Jörn P. W., Sutherland, William J., and Vira, Bhaskar (2010) Biodiversity Conservation: Challenges Beyond 2010. Science 329, 1298 – 1303.

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