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Lana Whitaker

Lana Whitaker

PhD Student, Department of Geography

Subject groups/Research projects

Political Economy of Hunger and Food Supply:

Departments and Institutes

Department of Geography:

Research Interests

Lana's research explores the right to food, food security and food sovereignty in India and specifically focuses on the Midday Meal Scheme in Rajasthan, India.

Her research aims to address these gaps by examining experiences of one government-led food distribution scheme, the Midday Meal Scheme which began in 1995. This scheme is not only long-standing, but it widely considered one of the more successful food-distribution initiatives in India. Her PhD will focus on the lived experiences of this scheme in the state of Rajasthan, examining how the food is provided, how the food is used, the impacts it has on both individuals and households, and how these vary. In doing so, the research will not only provide insight into the capacity of midday meals to realise food security, a right to food and sovereignty, but will offer insight into the lessons the Midday Meal scheme can offer large-scale food distribution in India and elsewhere.

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