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BBSRC Food Security News July 2013

last modified Jul 15, 2013 03:22 PM

BBSRC on Food Security this month

YouTube Food security
Video: BBC Countryfile’s Adam Henson talks food security
Click here to watch Adam Henson speak about food security


Adam Henson, farmer and co-presenter of BBC's Countryfile programme, dropped into the 'From Field to Fork' exhibition at the Three Counties Show to talk food and agriculture issues with Dr Tristan MacLean, the Inspiring Young Scientists Co-ordinator for BBSRC (the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council). The two discussed people's connection to their food, and how their attitudes may differ across generations.
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Other Food Security News from BBSRC

Calculator counts the cost of pig disease
Farmers in the UK can calculate how much an endemic disease in pigs has cost them thanks to scientists at the Royal Veterinary College studying post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome.

Breeding better British strawberries
BBSRC awarded nearly £800,000 to East Malling Research and the The Sainsbury Laboratory to fund research into disease resistance in strawberries; with a further £1M funded by industry.

Plants do sums to get through the night
John Innes Centre research shows that to prevent starvation at night, plants perform accurate arithmetic division that allows them to use up their starch reserves at a constant rate.

Permission by Defra to plant autumn-sown wheat as part of GM field trial
The extension of Rothamsted Research’s current trial will allow scientists to also study the effects of autumn aphid infestations on their experimental 'aphid repelling' wheat.