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The Impact of Pesticides on Bee Health: 22-24 Jan 2014, London

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Joint meeting of the British Ecological Society, the Biochemical Society and the Society for Experimental Biology

Charles Darwin House, London, UK

22 -–24 January 2014

For a full programme please visit:

Abstract submission deadline: 24 November 2013


Earlybird registration deadline: 16 December 2013

Spaces are limited

Travel grants and short talk slots are available at this conference.

The Biochemical Society, the Society for Experimental Biology and the British Ecological Society are delighted to announce their third joint scientific conference.

An important challenge facing the future of humanity is food security.

This resource is heavily supported by the actions of insect pollinators and attacked by insect crop pests. Agrochemical intensification has reduced the amount of natural forage and breeding/nesting sites for insects and simultaneously has provided large bonanzas in the form of crops.

Therefore, it is currently necessary to fight the battle against pest species using insecticides. This approach is a double-edged sword with both insect pests and pollinators being vulnerable. This conference will discuss whether the key insecticides being used in this battle have an overall negative impact on bees, and so food security.

To maximise the impact of this symposium, an open scientific discussion will follow the talks to give the media and stakeholders an opportunity to ask the scientific audience questions, so that the science can directly inform the media and policy.


Chris Cutler (Dalhousie University, Canada) •

Dave Goulson (University of Sussex, UK) •

Frederic Delbac (Universite Blaise

Pascal-Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Galen Dively (University of Maryland, USA) •

Geraldine Wright (Newcastle University, UK) •

James Cresswell (University of Bristol, UK) •

Jeroen van der Sluijs (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Luc Belzunces (Université d'Avignon, France) •

May Berenbaum (University of Illinois, USA) •

Nigel Raine (University of London, UK) •

Randolf Menzel (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

Richard Schmuck (Bayer CropScience, Germany) •

Yves Le Conte (French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France)


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