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Foreseer Update

last modified Sep 10, 2013 04:32 PM
Foreseer Update

Foreeser tool

Paper  entitled “Designing Climate Change Mitigation Plans That Add Up” about tracing the global greenhouse gas emissions from sources to services has been published in [Environmental Science and Technology (Bajzelj et al. 2013]. It shows that food provision is responsible for 15.3 (±6.9) Gt of CO2e, which is almost a third of world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions - the biggest contribution out of all basic services. Food emissions were traced to both different types of energy use (cooking, transport, agricultural mechanisation) and land use (deforestation, livestock related emissions, fertilizer).

Foreseer group additionally published in the Journal of Environmental Management an analysis of the issue of global water resources, highlighting the importance of integrated land and water management to optimize the provision of water-related services, foremost agriculture [Curmi et al. 2013].