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2013 G20 Summit Recommendations

last modified Sep 09, 2013 03:15 PM

September 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

The G20 Summit 2013 has produces the following recommendations regarding

Food Security and Nutrition 

1. Commit to ensuring that efforts to fight hunger and sustainably increase agricultural productivity benefit smallholder farmers and integrate nutrition objectives. 

2. Endorse the World Health Assembly’s global goal to prevent 70 million children under age 5 from stunting by 2025.

3. Limit food price volatility by regulating commodity derivatives markets and ending incentives for unsustainable industrial biofuels production.


From the G20 Leaders Report, Development for All:

"Support to the Secure Nutrition Knowledge Platform, exchange of
best practices through the seminar on “Food Security through Social Safety Nets and Risk Management”, and convening the second G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists, along with its ongoing work to identify global research priorities and targets and support results-based agricultural research in 2014."

"We acknowledge that food security and nutrition will remain a top priority in our agenda. We recognize the importance of boosting agricultural productivity, investment and trade to strengthen the global food system to promote economic growth and job creation. We encourage all ongoing efforts in the agricultural sector to further reduce hunger, under-nutrition and malnutrition, through increased coordination in the G20 to promote the identification and implementation of effective actions in support of production and productivity growth as well as enhancement of food security and nutrition for vulnerable population through, among others, nutrition sensitive policies and comprehensive social protection systems, with particular emphasis on low income countries. We support discussions in the WTO to respond to legitimate food security concerns, without distorting trade, including those related to carefully targeted policies to protect vulnerable populations. We recognize that the agricultural market situation needs closer attention and that the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) is generating better transparency and still needs more efforts to be fully implemented. We reaffirm our determination to implement all previous G20 commitments and existing initiatives including that stated in the Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture which the G20 endorsed in 2011. "


The Leaders Declaration and Accountability Report on G20 Development Commitments, including Food Security have been uploaded to our Reports section.