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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Do we trust science? Who are the experts? What even is a fact? Public perception of scientists has been a growing concern since the 1960s, made critical by the current pandemic.

The #AnnualFoodAgenda encourages young people to pursue science, but what does a scientist look like? We’ve been talking to researchers of all ages, to find out…

This interview series, running from June to September, explores what makes a scientist. Hosted on the Cambridge Global Food Security Facebook page, this event opens up the reality of lives and careers in research – and the often unexpected paths that can lead there.

Not every biologist did A-level biology and not every researcher works in a lab. From backpacking to beekeeping, space food to feminism, we’ve seen a huge range in the professional and personal passions of our interviewees. Telling their own stories, these researchers show that science is far more than a stereotype. What often unites them, though, is their search for facts – the best answers to our most pressing questions.

As one interviewee put it, “I think every scientist is a bit of an idealist”. Beyond that, they’re as individual as you or me – each with their own personality and their own approach to problem-solving. Take a look at our Facebook page to learn more about these innovators, in their own words.

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