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Rebalancing Agriculture will Deliver for Nutrition and Gender Equality

last modified May 19, 2015 09:46 AM
Agriculture needs rebalancing if it is to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to deliver nutrition, writes Lynn Brown in a blog for Secure Nutrition.

Lynn Brown is an experienced food policy economist specialized in food and nutrition security mediated through gender, agriculture, rural development, and social protection. She has extensive experience in Africa and Asia, has held senior positions in the United Nations, and has managed and led numerous multi-disciplinary teams of researchers and/or policymakers. She writes:

'Some people when talking about agriculture for nutrition are actually talking about multisectoral nutrition interventions, where one sector engaged is agriculture. That is very different from what is agriculture’s core responsibility in delivering nutrition. I argue that agriculture has a role to deliver on nutrition in its own right, independent of engagement in multisector interventions – albeit that including other interventions would magnify agriculture’s nutritional impact.'

Read her blog here.