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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
daniella farmer

COVID-19 impacts on food security: an opportunity to address old problems?

14 May 2020

By 2050 the global population is expected to increase up to 9.8 billion people (UNDESA, 2017). Accordingly, food production will have to increase by 60 percent for food requirements to be met (FAO, 2015). This poses a big challenge for food systems as they have to achieve this sustainably. With the global scenario having changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these already existing food security concerns have been heightened. The pandemic threatens to add to the 820 million people living in chronic hunger, as the measures adopted to stop the spread can hinder food production as well as people’s ability to purchase food.

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leyser 2

Professor Ottoline Leyser DBE FRS elected as Regius Professor of Botany

14 May 2020

Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser DBE FRS has been elected as Regius Professor of Botany and she will take up the post in October 2020. Her role as Director of the Sainsbury Laboratory will be taken over by Prof Henrik Jönsson.

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foo insecurity

Food insecurity in the UK – why we need a new normal

5 May 2020

Headlines on ‘Food Bank Britain’ have featured increasingly in our newspapers since the global financial crash in 2008, documenting the struggle of many people who rely on emergency food aid to feed themselves and their families.

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Local food solutions during the coronavirus crisis could have lasting benefits

23 April 2020

A decade ago, food security in developing countries was regarded as a major challenge. The growing food insecurity in the poorest countries was seen a trigger for large scale migration to richer countries, where it threatened human security. It was argued that humanitarian assistance to the poorest countries - through food aid - was necessary to prevent a descent into violence and protracted conflict in the face of poor institutional capacity.

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Finger millet from trials investigating response to contrasting fertiliser rates.

Meet Nick Fradgley

20 April 2020

PhD student Nick Fradgley travelled to Ethiopia in 2019, with the support of the Cambridge Global Food Security Early Career Researcher Travel Fund, to conduct research on how teff, sorghum, finger millet, and durum wheat are bred. Find out how he planned his trip, what he learned, and how this has broadened his views on the complex issues that surround food security in Ethiopia.

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Meet Dorien Braam

7 April 2020

In 2019, PhD student Dorien Braam conducted some of her fieldwork in Pakistan with the support of the Cambridge Global Food Security Early Career Researcher Travel Fund. Find out more about her field trip, how she collected information, and her thoughts on conducting international research trips.

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Shailaja F

Cambridge Global Food Security Researcher: Shailaja Fennell

25 March 2020

Understanding and ensuring food security requires a good knowledge of the contexts that surround food production and consumption. To complete this series on female researchers who play vital roles in improving local and global food security, Dr Shailaja Fennell expands on how she takes an interdisciplinary approach to investigating complex food security challenges, and how her earlier studies and the support of a good academic mentor encouraged her interdisciplinary focus.

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Everyday Objects of Food Security pic

Everyday Objects of Food Security

19 March 2020

Objects, one of our key programmes in collaboration with the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies at the University of Cambridge, has begun releasing a series of videos titled 'Everyday Objects of Food Security'. These videos detail conversations by small groups of researchers from the natural, physical, and social sciences, and the humanities, with each group discussing specific objects that relate to global food security.

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gita yadav2

Cambridge Global Food Security Researcher: Gitanjali Yadav

4 March 2020

To continue with our series on female researchers who play vital roles in improving local and global food security, we present Dr Gita Yadav, whose work focuses as much on understanding how nature has evolved and optimized mechanisms to enhance photosynthetic efficiency, and on how plants communicate with each other and the rest of the biosphere, as it does on encouraging female participation in science.

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nadia r

Cambridge Global Food Security Researcher: Nadia Radzman

3 March 2020

Female researchers play vital roles in helping our communities, countries and world become more food secure. Dr Nadia Radzman, a plant science researcher, lets us know why legumes are important both in agricultural practice and in our diets. Her narrative also underlines the important role that supportive supervisors can play in positively guiding early career researchers' professional paths.

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