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Infectious Diseases and Food Security

New study shows how Salmonella colonises the gut

19 Apr 2013

Researchers plan to use data collected to develop vaccines to control Salmonella in animals and humans

New research suggests animal-to-human transmission of MRSA

25 Mar 2013

Using whole genome sequencing, scientists have found two independent human cases of infection have been linked to livestock.

March of the superbugs

13 Feb 2013

Scientists who recently discovered a new strain of superbug have now tracked its transmission between animals and humans.


Scientists build a clearer picture of the spread of bovine tuberculosis

18 Oct 2012

Each year thousands of cattle are slaughtered to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis. New research reveals that testing misses many animals harbouring the disease and shows that large herds are particularly vulnerable to rapid transmission.


Avian flu viruses which are transmissible between humans could evolve in nature

21 Jun 2012

Research provides insight into feasibility of virus becoming airborne transmissible.


Tracking MRSA in Real Time

14 Jun 2012

 Study highlights benefits of rapid whole-genome sequencing.

Time-ordered graph

How quickly things spread

20 Feb 2012

Understanding the spread of infectious diseases in populations is the key to controlling them. If the UK was facing a flu pandemic, how could we measure where the greatest spreading risk comes from? This information could help inform decisions on whether to impose travel restrictions or close schools.

Genetically modified chicken

Field to fork: safeguarding livestock health

21 Jul 2011

Veterinary research in Cambridge is spearheading a new generation of preventive methods to protect livestock from disease.


New strain of MRSA discovered

03 Jun 2011

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in both humans and dairy cows.

Wheat stem rust

Defending crops with maths

18 Mar 2011

A mathematical toolkit could dramatically reduce crop losses from pests and pathogens, helping to safeguard future food security.

Wild Chicken of Fair Oaks Village

GM chickens that don’t transmit bird flu developed

14 Jan 2011

Breakthrough could prevent future bird flu epidemics.

Prize Pig

Towards a ‘super-vaccine’ for swine bacterial diseases

01 Mar 2010

A new multidisciplinary research programme aims to develop a single vaccine that will combat four major respiratory pathogens of pigs.

Influenza virus

From pandemic to policy: combating swine flu

01 Jan 2010

A new collaborative project aims to understand how pandemic viruses jump the species barrier and spread through communities.


Unravelling the secrets of Salmonella infection

01 May 2009

Two new studies have uncovered important clues about how a prolific pathogen causes disease.

People specializing in this area

  • Control of plant disease
  • Influenza-resistant strains of poultry
  • Food-borne zoonoses