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Cambridge Global Food Security

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge



Framing the challenge (Thursday)

Welcome and introduction - Prof Chris Gilligan

Viewpoint from the International NGO community - Dame Barbara Stocking

Viewpoint from the grassroots - Shadrack Yoash & John Opio, Farm Africa

The challenge of scale discourse and interdisciplinarity - Dr David Rose

A year in discussion - Dr Will Simonson


Food security, sustainability and conservation (Friday stream 1)

Sustainable intensification: framing and implementation - Prof Charles Godfray

Would land sharing or land sparing allow more wild species to survive? - Prof Rhys Green

Learning about the birds and the bees in the shea parklands - Dr Cath Tayleur

Stories about partnerships - Dr Nigel Poole

Making smallholder resilient agriculture work for women farmers - Dr Regina Handsa

Gola's landscape approach, connecting forest and people with cocoa - Dr Nicolas Tubbs

Diets and planetary impacts - Dr Tara Garnett

Hungry and obese: the challenge of household food insecurity - Dr Pablo Monsivais

Food systems, food security and global environmental change - Dr John Ingram

The food-water-energy nexus in Brazil - Dr Jean-Francois Mercure

Early warning for building resilience to food crises in Africa - Dr Francois Kayitakire  

Food versus forests in sub-Saharan Africa - Dr Phil Franks


Economics, culture and politics of food (Friday stream 2)

Economic transformation in Rwanda, view from the grassroots - Jane Lichtenstein

Water sustainability in India's breadbasket - Dr Harnik Deol

TEEB for agriculture and food - Dr Salman Hussein

Feeding a growing population: food sustainability and international economic law - Prof Fiona Smith

Governing fragmented food systems - Prof Katrien Termeer

How the modern Chinese choose what to eat - Prof Jiping Sheng

When East meets West: learning about wine culture in Italy and bringing it to Japan - Prof Taka Shoji

Sustainable food, culture and integration in Solidarity Purchase Groups Movement - Daniela Bernaschi

Campaign over Golden Rice: Environmental Rights versus Humanitarian Rights - Dr Ksenia Gerasimova (paper/ transcript)

Famine's drivers old and new - Prof Cormac O'Grada

The right to food in the Anthropocene - Dr Laura Pereira